Top Tips to Get My Home Ready for Sale

When we decide to sell our home, we want it to be looking it’s best. Let’s talk about how we can maximize your home’s value by getting it ready for sale.

When a potential buyer views your property, you have a choice on which version of your home they get to see. Do you want them to see the 5-star, Ritz-Carleton version or the 5pm, end of the work week version? We think we know the answer and that’s why we have a few tips below on how to best get your home ready for sale.

Tips to Declutter your Home for Sale

Sometimes we can’t see our own “Clutter”. It may be the toaster on the counter, that collection of travel books in the living room or an array of signed football jersey’s in the basement. This may not be clutter to you but to a potential buyer, it may be the difference between them making an offer and moving on. The less clutter you have, the more open and larger a room will feel. This allows creates a bit of a blank canvas for buyers to visualize what the property might look like with their own “Clutter”.

Why You Should Depersonalize Your Home

When a buyer walks in your front door, they want to buy your home, not your life. Think about how it feels when you walk into a five-star hotel and that feels. We want any potential buyer to feel the same way as they walk into your home. It’s time to dust those baseboards, wipe down the mirrors and clean the windows. You may want to consider a professional cleaning service to come in once a month to make sure all the details get covered.

Does a Kitchen Sell a Home?

The focal point for the majority of homes is the kitchen, so it is essential you spend some time making sure that your kitchen is living its best life. Small appliances, drying dishes should all be put away. Counters should be free and clear of most items and freshly polished up. If you want to go the extra mile, staging your dining table or island is a very nice touch.

Staging Your Bedrooms for Sale

The second most important room in most homes is the bedroom, after all, we spend a lot of time in there. For this reason, we like to encourage our sellers to make theses rooms feel like a hotel. Neutral bedding, made beds, clean bedside tables and if you have the opportunity, turning lamps on before a showing.

What are Buyers Looking for?

We want potential buyers to feel like they don’t want to leave. We want them to have that same feeling you have when you just spent a weekend at a high-end resort. The aroma’s, the visuals, the lighting, the temperature, all of these are small details but when you add them up, they can mean the difference between an offer to purchase and not.

Technology is great. Having the right people is better.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Home

Your home is probably your single most valuable asset. That is why we always go the extra mile in providing you with the highest level of real estate service that will make us your preferred real estate professional.

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