Looking to buy a Calgary Condo? Do you currently own a Condo and want to know more? These videos explore the complexities of condominium ownership from Unit Factors to Special Assessments and everything in between.

This video explores “Post-Tensioned Cables”. Post-Tensioned Cable construction was a very popular way of building residential and commercial towers in the 1960’s – 1980’s. The method utilized high strength steel cables buried in the concrete slab of each floor as a means to improve the structural integrity of the building. Unfortunately, situations have arisen where the steel cables were exposed to moisture and oxygen thus promoting rust and deterioration which compromised the strength of the cables. As a result of these complications, Post-Tensioned Cables are no longer used in residential construction.

As a buyer consider a Post-Tensioned Cable building, it is important to understand that there will be an extra layer of due-diligence required to ensure that the condominium corporation is knowledgeable and responsible with respect to their obligations of maintenance and evaluation.

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