Looking to buy a Calgary Condo? Do you currently own a Condo and want to know more? These videos explore the complexities of condominium ownership from Unit Factors to Special Assessments and everything in between.

This video explores the rules and bylaws that govern condominium ownership. In every corporation there will be a set of registered bylaws which the condominium is required to follow in order to run it’s business. These bylaws will dictate the governance of the condo as well as the use and enjoyment of the property by owners, tenants, and visitors.

When buying a condo it is important to familiarize yourself with the bylaws and rules to see if any of your potential uses are restricted. For example is there a pet policy in place and how is that overseen? Or, is there a restriction of the age of the occupants that would effect you? We also discuss the changing landscape of age restrictions in Alberta prior to 2033.

As a REALTOR and real estate industry educator in Calgary, I am passionate about helping buyers, sellers, and current owners navigate the complex world of condominiums.